June 23, 2016

UPDATE: July 21, 2016

We’ve been intentionally quiet the past few weeks about my stolen cymbals and didn’t share news because sensitive info was developing with the case. However, the good news can be announced that all, except for one, of my items have been recovered and are now back in my possession again! The details can’t be publicized yet since the investigation is still in progress, but the thief has been identified and contacted, and the case is moving forward.

Much thanks to the managers and employees at Guitar Center in Crestwood for their cooperation, and very special thanks to Gian Vianello at Maplewood Pawn Shop for going above and beyond my hopes or expectations! Gian runs an honest business and is one of the good guys — he has my major respect and gratitude. Also a special shout-out goes to Chris Snider for having been on the right scent. He and I spotted some of my stuff on the Guitar Center web site at the same time. Thanks for all the support from our fans and social media community. The buddy system does work!


Someone has stolen Bottle Rockets’ drummer, Mark Ortmann’s entire collection of cymbals. These were taken from a locked storage space at his apartment building sometime between May 25 and June 19. Please keep an eye out at area pawn shops, music stores, Ebay and Craigslist. Please get in touch right away if you come across anything from the list below ( And please help us spread the word by sharing this. Thanks for your help!
(3) XL Specialty Protechtor cymbal cases / black
(1 pair) 14″ A Zildjian Quick Beat Hi-Hats (circa 1984)
(1) 20″ A Zildjian Crash Ride (circa 2000)
(1) 22″ A Zildjian Ping Ride (circa 1984)
(1) 19″ K Zildjian Crash Thin (brilliant finish / circa 1995)
(1) 20″ Zildjian A Custom Crash
(1) 18″ K Zildjian Dark Crash Medium-Thin
(1) 18″ A Zildjian Crash Medium-Thin (low note)
(1) 18″ A Zildjian Crash Medium-Thin (mid note)
(1) 18″ A Zildjian Crash Medium-Thin (high note)
(1 pair) 14″ Zildjian K Constantinople Hi-Hats (circa 2000)
(1) 18″ Zildjian K Constantinople Crash (circa 2000)
(1) 20″ Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Ride (circa 2000)
(1) 20″ Sabian HHX Manhattan Jazz Ride
(1) 19″ Sabian AAX X-Plosion Crash
(1) 18″ Sabian HHX Chinese Crash
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