Tour Dates / May 2016

April 29, 2016

Heads up! 
Thursday, May 12 : Decatur GA @ Eddie’s Attic
Eric Ambel opening the show. Eric will be solo. Alone, with his guitar. Because that’s the way he wants it, and we know better than to argue. Last time we played here was with Marshall Crenshaw. We arrived so late, some of you helped us load in. We’ll try our very best to not make that happen this time. But bring work gloves, just in case…
Friday, May 13 : Nashville TN @ 12th & Porter
Once again, with Eric Ambel. Same deal, Eric’s solo. We don’t play in Nashville very often, Eric plays Nashville even less, so if you live in the area, you might wanna seriously consider coming to this.
Saturday, May 14 : Maryville TN @ The Shed
No Eric on this show, but we’ll do our best to make up for the loss. These are always fun shows at The Shed, and since it IS a shed, there is a roof. No need to fear precipitation, or sunburn, or moonburn, or being photographed by a Google Maps plane. Come on down!
See you very, very soon. Bring friends…
Brian, Mark, John & Keith
Bottle Rockets


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