Tour Dates

All shows listed here are confirmed unless otherwise noted. The info here is the latest and most accurate info we have. Please check directly with the venues to confirm show times, ticket prices, and age requirements.

We try our best to book shows at venues that allow all ages to enter. But there are cities where the only available venues have age requirements. We can’t help anyone get into an age restricted show. Sorry!

We allow audio taping with prior approval wherever it does not conflict with venue or other restrictions beyond our control. We do not allow direct soundboard patches. We also do not allow videotaping. We support the free trading of live recordings for non-commercial purposes. Songs that have not been previously released on an album will be excluded from trading. Please contact Adam Klavohn at least 7 days before a show to get approval. Adam will send you an e-mail confirmation. You must print this and bring it to the show just in case someone at the venue gives you trouble.

We always have the opening bands figured out before we book the tours. Even if you don’t see an opening band listed on the website we probably have someone confirmed. It is the firm policy of Undertow (Bottle Rockets’ management) and Hello! Booking (Bottle Rockets’ booking agency) to not put additional opening bands on shows. So please don’t hassle the venue, Undertow or Hello!.